Cooling tower OCC Series

We use professional engineer methods to create air conditioner

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The structure of OCC series Cooling tower is designed to withstand wind load of 30 psf.

Cubic cooling towers consists of modular welded subassemblies cross-braced with tension rods.Unwelded structural joints are bolted.

Casing of galvanized steel sheets give full protection against corrosion .

Heavy gauge galvanized steel sheets are used to fabricate basins. Tower basins are completed with make up water float control valve as well as over flow, drain and Suction fitting .

Preservative - treated Russian or Finn timber are used.Design assures permanent fill alignment and configuration .

Gravity water distribution system for uniform distribution of hot water over the entire fill area is considered, using flange and collector.

Low speed, multi-blade pressed galvanized steel or aluminum induced- draft propeller fans are standard equipment on some OMRAN TAHVIEH cross flow cooling towers. Fans are designed to grantte adequate air flow between suction and discharge ports for the provision of maximum heat transfer and tower performance requirements.

Cubic cooling tower fans are beltdrive Option of double speed fan for belt drive cooling towers on request is possible.

OCC Series